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WATKINS, (Benjamin) CEMETERY, (Ray Williams Dr., Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

Black arrow points at our subject stone.

Mary Watkins memorial. It is fallen and I could not see where it belonged except probably beside the Benjamin Watkins memorial.

WATKINS, Mary, 1 Apr 1770 - 29 Mar 1836. "Consort of Benjamin Watkins. born in Albemarl Cty Va., died in Williamson Cty Tenn."
 Inscription: IN | memory | of | MARY | WATKINS | Consort of Benj. | Watkins born | in Albemarl Cty | Va.
April 1st | 1770 | died in Willia | mson Cty Tenn | March 29th 1836 | Aged 65 years | 11 Mo. & 28 days ||
This stone was lying on the ground when I photographed it. I propped it against the nearest tree to keep it from sinking into the soil.
Photos and transcription by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008. Added here 10 Feb 2009.