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WATKINS, (Benjamin) CEMETERY, (Ray Williams Dr., Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

The three stones seen here are for the Patterson family. The smaller stone in front is the footstone for William H. Patterson. The stone in the center is the headstone for William and the stone in back is the headstone for Joseph M. Patterson. 
This location is just north or to the viewers right of the other inscribed memorials in this cemetery. There is a large area to our right that may contain unmarked graves, but I saw few if any fieldstones. 

Here we see the memorial of Joseph M. Patterson, born 1810 died 1836.

PATTERSON, Joseph M., 18 Feb 1810 - 28 Mar 1836. Aged 26 years 1 mo. & 10 days. 
Inscription: IN | memory | of | Joseph M. PATTERSON | born in Rockbridge | Cty. Va. Feb. 18th | A. D. 1810. | Emigrated to Tenn | in 1825. & died | March 28th 1836 | Aged 26 years | 1 Mo. | & 10 days ||
Photos and transcription by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008. Added here 10 Feb 2009.