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Go east on Sowell Mill Pike to point where Duck River makes its turn east. Enter the old road bed that crosses the concrete bridge and meanders along river bluff. Go about 1/4 mile. The cemetery is in a grove of large trees which spans into the field from the river on right of trail. There is a locked cable across the road, prohibiting the entrance of vehicles. Have a nice walk.

OWEN, Martha E. Vaughan, 9 Mar 1845 - 26 Jan 1880. (34-10-17.) 'Wife L. R. Owen.'
OWEN, Nattie L., 17 Jul 1873 - 16 Mar 1877. "Son L. R. & Mattie E. Owen."
VAUGHAN, Littleton, 24 Jan 1800 - 8 Aug 1849.
VAUGHAN, Martha, 10 May 1805 - 2 Jan 1890. (84-06-22.) (nee Garrett; wife Littleton Vaughan.)
VAUGHAN, Newton Jasper, 27 Nov 1836 - 17 Dec 1891. Scout under Gen Coleman, C.S.A.
VAUGHAN, Fannie E. Warren, 26 Sep 1836 - 4 Mar 1861. "Wife Newton J. Vaughan." (24-05-08.)
VAUGHAN, James L., 27 Jan 1839 - 20 Sep 1845. (06-07-23.)
VAUGHAN, Roger A., 2 May 1887 - 4 Aug 1887. (Age 3 months.) "Inf. son C. C. & H. A."
VAUGHAN, Sarah (Sallie) Osborn, 16 Nov 1858 - 3 Jun 1861. "Dau. N. J. & F. E."; (02-06-19). There are two stones for this child.
VAUGHAN, Martha F., 17 Aug 1860 - 29 Mar 1861. (00-07-12.)
VAUGHAN, Joseph L., b. & d. 1879, Chattanooga. 'Our baby.'

A burial said to have occurred here:
JONES, C. W., '54, died Wednesday in south Columbia at the home of his brother, Newt Jones. He was buried in the Vaughan Cemetery. (Maury Democrat, Columbia TN, 20 Apr 1911.)

There are at least 20 graves marked by fieldstones or indicated by sunken places in the earth. The cemetery was once surrounded by a fine rock wall but much of this is now destroyed. [FLH, 1987]

Published in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", Page 456, by Fred Lee Hawkins, 9 Jan 1987 and in "They Passed This Way" by Marise Lightfoot, and Evelyn Shackelford, Page D-144, 1964. Photos by Mary Belle Duvivier & Wayne Austin. Revisited, transcribed and photographed by a team, who were Marc & Mary Belle (family historian & descendent) Duvivier of New York and Wayne Austin of this site, 14 Apr 2008, Published here 9 May 2008.