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Back side of the Judith Sellers memorial,Transcribed as: "Repaired and reset 1979 by Homer R. and Leslie Sellers,  G G Grandsons of Judith and Isaac Sellers." (Stone was encased in (probably Hydraulic) Concrete in 1979 and reset with original lettering painted black, but the old lettering is failing again.)

Front side of Judith Sellers memorial: "Judith,[?] Wife of Isaac Sellers Born 1772 & Died Nov 10, 1847 Aged 75 Years. Based on what we see here the slab rock memorial is not directly behind the memorials of Judith Sellers so that is evidence that it is the unmarked tomb for John Johnson. See below

The Judith Sellers memorial today as the inscription cracks, peels & fades away.

SELLERS, Judith, 1772 - 10 Nov 1847. (Note: on back of stone, "Repaired and reset 1979 by Homer & Leslie Sellers, g. g. grandsons of Judith & Isaac Sellers." There appears to be lettering between Judith and wife of and may contain an initial for Judith. Black Lettering is peeling away and the inscribed lettering is weathering.
The large rock tomb behind the memorial for Judith Sellers is said to be for Revolutionary War Soldier John Johnson. There is another large flat rock further northeast of this grave. but it is a fieldstone. That however may be the informal marker for John Johnson. I say that because this flat rock (due east) may cover Judith Sellers grave as her husband Isaac has a cover over his grave and a footstone & headstone also.

Photos and information by Wayne Austin 9 Jun 2009. Visited here 8 Apr 2009.
The bottom image of the inscription was restored by Wayne Austin 12 Jun 2009 to cause it to be largely readable.