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Tall stone lying against the large rock tomb on our far left going back north on the 2nd row (actually the third row counting Nancy Evans Timmons and the unmarked Timmons graves behind the large headstone with surname marked only Timmons.

SELLERS, Mary Ann, 17 Nov 1804 - 12 Jun 1887. Aged 82 Years, 6 Mo's & 25 Dys.
I believe the two parts of this stone which rest against the large rock tomb behind are dislocated. It does not face east (or west) and the rock tomb behind it is said to be for Revolutionary War Soldier John Johnson. I suspect the base of this stone lies just to our left in the edge of the photo and the grave is then further left of that. Why is that so important? It may hold clue to her closest relatives.

Photos and information by Wayne Austin 9 Jun 2009. Visited here 8 Apr 2009.