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This topographical map shows the GPS Coordinates of the Terrell Cemetery.

Road This aerial view of the cemetery shows the stand of trees in this cemetery. There is active cattle ranching around this cemetery, so be careful not to disturb the livestock or stir up the Bulls, otherwise you might need a Rodeo Clown.

An Aerial Map shows a yellow pointer. This is a private drive after one turns left on Beechcroft Road.

In Spring Hill turn west on Beechcroft Road (Hwy 247), and go something under 5 miles. Just after you pass the Petty Road on the left the Terrell-McKay house is on the left back off of the road. The cemetery is in grove of trees behind and east of the ancient Terrell-McKay house. The cemetery is fenced in a field with heavy cattle farming around it and permission is required as you will probably need an accompanying person to keep the livestock calm. Postal address is 1199.
Maps from Topozone, MS Bing Mapping & MS Streets & Trips, modified by Wayne Austin 10 Oct 2009.