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Aiming your camera from Petty Road this is what you will see in the distance as the tree lined Terrell Cemetery. It is fenced and surrounded by active prime pasture land. The historic (private property) home is northwest of the cemetery.

Fallen & broken stone abound here. In the past this cemetery was not cared for as it is today. A fence is in place today so that livestock cannot trample the stones anymore.

Fallen & broken stone abound here as in the past this cemetery was not cared for as it is today. If someone wished and took action this cemetery could be pristine again with all the stone standing. I did not see many missing parts and those are likely no more then 3 inches below the soil. The camera is aiming northeast.

Forgive the white patch. We are concealing private farm assets. This owner has respected this cemetery. His possession are private. In the below photos you will see many more of the white patches.

On the left is the James & Mary McKay memorial standing and in the center is two fallen memorials and on the right is the standing memorial of Joe Terrell and maybe his wife Ella as I did not see her inscription but I was so busy trying to keep from disturbing the private assets (on hoof) I may have missed that one.

This shot aiming east shows one of the Jenkins family footstones, the James Terrell memorial, and the box tombs of John & Mary W. Hill further back.

This shot aiming west across the tombs of John & Mary W. Hill into many of the other stones in the distance lying on the ground. I have a hard time identifying stones from a distance when they are lying on the ground.

This final shot aiming west from the north side of the cemetery shows the fallen Dr Hezekiah & his wife memorials on our left on the ground along with the two upright memorials of the McKays & Joe Terrell and others.

 Photograph & information by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009. Added here 16 Nov 2009.