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The fallen stone of Dr. Hezekiah Terrell. 

TERRELL, Dr. Hezekiah, 3 Feb 1815 - 4 Mar 1888. (Stone fallen from its base.)
Dr. Hezekiah Terrell was born 15 Feb 1815, in Williamson Co., Tennessee. His parents were James and Mary House Terrell, both of N. C. They came to Williamson County in early times during 1806, and lived there for the rest of their lives. If this plot where this graveyard is part of the parents property that part of Williamson County later became Maury County when it was formed. 
At an early age our subject Hezekiah began studies that during 1843 led him to graduate from medical school at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He then began his practice in the Jameson area of (north) Maury County and continued here until his death on 4 Mar 1888. He married Margaret S. Dabney, also of Williamson County, on 20 Dec 1838, and eight children were born to this union: Mary E. Terrell, William J. Terrell, Alexander C. Terrell, Lenard D. Terrell, Joel/(Joe) Terrell, Anna Terrell, Charley D. Terrell, and Cora Terrell.
During the Civil War, Dr. Terrell expressed strong Rebel views and was subsequently arrested and imprisoned by the Federal officials. He spent about a year in prison and was denied the use of a horse and had to walk back to Maury County after his release. Two of his sons: Alexander Campbell and William J. Terrell, served in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. This family lived in the old prominent mansion still standing today known as the Terrell-McKay (private) home.

 Photograph & information by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009. Added here 16 Nov 2009.