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MURPHY, Irene Holloway, 16 May 1905 – 16 May 2001 (wife of J. William “Bill” Murphy Jr.) MURPHY, J. William 
“Bill”, Jr., 1 Apr 1908 – 28 Oct 1990 (husband of Irene Holloway; son of Willie T. Murphy and Cordelia Gray).

Both of these people lived their adult lives in Mt. Pleasant, but were buried in Summertown Cemetery. Bill was my 
one of my grandfathers 1st cousins. His father died when he was a young boy and his mother remarried. His step-father was 
supposedly a very high tempered man and one day while Aunt Cordelia was nursing one of Bill's step-brothers, he walked 
up behind her and shot her in the back of the head. Bill was in the yard and saw it all. The man went back in the house 
and shot himself. I have seen a picture of Aunt Cordelia and she was a beautiful lady. This all happened in Winston 
County, Alabama, before the family moved to Tennessee. Oh well too much info I guess. 
Photo & Information by Rick Gray 1/11/03.