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RYAN, Thorton Adkinson, 20 May 1920 - 18 May 2000. "LTCDR USNR----R" 
RYAN, Mary Edwin Walker, 13 Jul 1914 - 9 Jan 1998.

Mary Edwin Walker Ryan, 13 Jul 1914 - 9 Jan 1998.
She was a prominent Secretarial official of the Monsanto Chemical a Phosphate Mining/Refining Company in Mt Pleasant at one time. Monsanto was the biggest and one of the last three that produced Phosphate in the County.

This industry finally left Maury County due to increased operational costs, a decline in the market for phosphate materials (primarily in the manufacture of detergents), and the depletion of phosphate reserves, factors that ended the phosphate industry in this area. Mobil Chemical Company, which had purchased the Virginia-Carolina plant in Mt. Pleasant, shut down its phosphorus furnace in 1971. Monsanto Chemical Company began its shut down in 1986. Rhone-Poulenc, owner of the former Stauffer Company, and Occidental Chemical Corporation ceased operations in 1991.
Photo & info by Mary Bob Richardson. 8/16/2005. Phosphate Photos by C. Wayne Austin - If you are related to any of these folks I would be happy to send you the original photos.

Seen here in a photo of the Administration of the Monsanto Chemical Company Mary Edwin Ryan is standing just to the right of the executive handing out the cooler.

Left to Right:
Tom Hanserd, Charlie Aldridge, Corey Kannon, Glenn Black, John Jewel, Nancy Roach, Neil Primm, Monsanto Executive (unknown presenting cooler), (unknown lady face hidden behind executive), Mary Edwin Ryan (Dark Dress),
Robert Wilson Fleming, Louise Morgan (accepting cooler), (unknown, gentleman), (unknown, gentleman), Elizabeth Robinette, (Unknown Lady), Anne Hardison, Frank Thomas
Names as listed on the back of the photo as transcribed by C. Wayne Austin