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HOWARD, James, 4 Nov 1769 - (?) Mar 1849. Aged 80 yrs., ...mos. & 6 days. "He was a good Citizen & an humble Christian, having been a member of the Baptist Church for near 30 years." (Note: these two graves [James & Elizabeth] were removed from the Howard Cemetery, near Hollywood, and remains placed here in 1969.) This stone is shaling badly and the inscription may not last many more years. The birth year date in the book MCTC for James was 1750 instead of the 1769 shown above. Using 1769 causes the listed age of 80 years to be correct. However I must warn you that 80 and 89 years age are also very hard to distinguish sometimes.  I am hanging my hat on 1769 here, but you be your own judge. 
  Photo & info by Mary Bob Richardson. 8/16/2005. Date commentary by Wayne Austin 17 May 2010.