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McCLAIN, Iris Hopkins, 15 May 1900 - 19 Dec 1987. (87, native of Erin, Houston County Tn.; daughter of Frank S. & Laura E. Knight Hopkins; wife Raymond Y. McClain; mother of Mrs. Ted (Jill K.) Garrett. Columbia Daily Herald, 21 Dec 1987.

The center of the stone.

GARRETT, Theodore T. "Ted", Jr., 1922 - 1993. Husband of Jill. Employed by TVA.

GARRETT, Jill Knight, 1923 - 1996. (Same Stone; McClain, Iris H., her mother) 
Former historical writer for the Columbia Herald she has many writings, publications and books to her credit. Jill was a noted author and has had a bigger than life impact on all of those who treasure Maury County history.  Most noted among them are the books "Hither & Yon, Vol I & Vol II." These books give us a broad insight into our Maury County past. Volume 2 was added by the Polk Memorial Association in 1992 and later volume one was reprinted by the Maury County Historical Society. These books are the most sought after books in county history ever. They are a must if you wish to know about Maury County events of old and she tells the story in a fashion that will keep anyone's attention. We provide you with a tribute  which was published in the foreword section of Hither & Yon Volume I.  This was written by Jill's friend, the Education Chairperson Marise Lightfoot of the Polk Memorial Association She states: 
After reading the first volume of Hither & Yon, one may have thought there was nothing left to write about Maury County and its past. Anyone who thought this underestimated Jill Garrett. A veritable fount of information, Jill was truly Maury County's "Woman for all seasons".
Although she is not a Maury County native, Jill became, to many, the quintessential Maury Countain. Born in Tipton County, Tennessee, she lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama from the time she was six months old until 1953, when she and husband Ted moved to this county.
Before the marriage, strict nepotism rules at Tennessee Valley Authority forced Jill to resign her position. When the Garrets' moved to Maury County, Jill began teaching: one year at Culleoka, one at Central High in Columbia. The subjects taught were typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Jill took up painting as a hobby. Not only did she produce works of art herself, she gave private lessons. She also became a thespian, acting in a number of productions of Theater Rondo. 
Allergic to her materials, Jill had to give up painting, but she still remained a gifted performer, as anyone who ever listened to her tell about Maury County and its past would agree. And, if she could no longer paint a picture she could build a log cabin. She and Ted raised the logs and built the log cabin behind their home on Terrace Drive. In addition to her many talents, Jill is the mother of Jill Knight, now Mrs. Claude Craig. A true animal lover Jill cared for myriads of cats and dogs. There was even a pet cemetery behind their log cabin. 
Jill has had a great deal to say and all who read her volumes must be grateful to this wonderful lady who so willingly shared her writings with us. Marise Lightfoot, 1992. 
The wording changed slightly to past tense in the above as both Jill and Marise have passed away since the
above was written. As she will attest in her writing Jill was certainly known to be a cemetery researcher and promoter of their upkeep. It is fitting that we remember her for this as she excelled in whatever she engaged in. Information provided here by Wayne Austin 8/14/2005.
Photography by Mary Bob Richardson 7/31/2005.