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In the mid eighties (1880s) Brother John Spencer was active in the work of the church to the extent that a brush arbor was erected on a hill about five miles southeast of Mt. Pleasant near Screamerville under which the first meeting was conducted. As a result of this meeting there was a congregation established and for some time had their service under an oak tree. Brother John Spencer gave them the land on which the building now stands. When the building was erected it did not stand at the present place and was somewhat smaller. 

The growth of the congregation was very fine and by 1891 had a membership of about sixty. When Brother John Spencer began this work, Brother Andrew Morrow, who was a member of the Bethel Congregation a few miles away, very ably assisted him in the work. Due to the interest that Brother Spencer had in this congregation it was named "The Church at Spencer Hill." This congregation has enjoyed some of the finest preachers of the brotherhood since its establishment; the names that are listed below are not in their chrono1ogical order. Among the first were: Bros. Brooks, Martin, N. N. Northcross, W. S. Morton, F. C. Sowell, Charlie Holt, W. L. Karnes, Sam T. Sewell, N. Derryberry, A. G. Freed, T. Q. Martin, then on through the years were Percy Carmnes, Kaufmans, W. Claude Hall, J. T. Harris, W. H. Owen, Andy Largen Sidney Spears, E. P. Watson, Eugene Waldrum, Sewell Lowery, W. C. Thomas, Fox, G. B. Derryberry, Henry Edwards, Kenne Edwards, Tom Compton, Rufus Clifford, W. Brown Foster, Jimmy Thomas, Oziah Rail, W. A. Creel, Hazel Spencer, Gilbert Tyler, Arthur Hardison, Walton Tarpley, Forest McCann, Carl Vernon, Riley Moore, Oaks Gowan, Leon Burns, Robert Thomas, Raleigh Polk and Charles Seaborn. Some of the families that made up the congregation in the beginning years were the Spencers, Brewers, Graves, Overstreets, Ashworths, Morrows, Suttons, Wallaces, Fosters, Douglas', and Brimers. Out of some of these families were some of the men that served the congregation as its e1ders. Through the years the church has been active, but as all congregations have experienced some problems that would have a tendency to slow the progress of the work, that might be true of Spencer Hill, but not to any great extent, As the history of the congregation is reviewed we are mindful of some of the men that have gone out from the congregation -139- as ministers of the gospel such as J. Clifford Murphy, Frank Morrow, Robert Morrow, whom have been called from this life and eternity can only tell the good they did while they ministered and went over the country preaching sometimes in very destitute places. The younger ones who are living and are preaching are Robert Thomason, Carl Vernon, Paul McKissick, Jimmy Thomas, the son of the late W. C. Thomas who was also a very able minister of the gospel and preached at Spencer Hill many times and served the congregation as one of the Elders for sometime. Hazel Spencer who was also reared in this congregation is devoting much of his time in preaching as well as C. V. Robinson who is in the service of the U.S. At present there are about thirty-five families presented in the congregation with a membership of seventy two, with an enrollment of one hundred nine in Bible Sunday school with Robert Cummins, R. J. Waldrop, Mrs. Howard Norman, Mrs. E. J. Murphy as their teachers. This congregation has been recognized also for fine singing that was had all through the years. It was not very old, perhaps about twenty five years old, when much was given to the study of music by the method of what was known at that time as a singing school with a duration several day sessions at one time. With this practice there were some very fine song leaders produced back in that period of time, namely the Fosters, Spencers, Murphys, and Thomasons. The present elders are: John Robb and G. F. Spencer, Harlan Spencer is working with them as a deacon and the work is going along and interest is good. The building has been expanded recently which makes three times in the history of the congregation that the building has had additions. In (Maury County History and Directory), Page 119. Items the Methodist mentioned about 1845. The Christians erected a church in Bigbyville which in 1856 was purchased by Methodist. In (Maury County History and Directory), Page 138, Item Screamerville", Spencer Hill Church of Christ near by Screamerville, eight miles south of Mt. Pleasant was promoted by John Spencer, from whom it takes its name and other Christian people. It was organized about 1885. Brother Dixon was first pastor and Brother Willie Morton is at present in charge. A large new addition to the church has recently been erected. Mentioned as early settlers were John Swan, Greene Coffee.


A photo of the nearby Spencer Hill Church of Christ facility opposite where Watts Hill Road intersects Enterprise Road. You will find here a principled people who attempt to follow the teachings of the Bible, the doctrine believed to be God's inspired word.
Photo 3/20/05 and Information compiled by Wayne Austin 4-22-05.

Sources: page 139, "Fifty Churches of Christ in Maury County Tennessee, written about 1964, I believe Wilbur Fox was the author; Records published here of Spencer Hill cemetery; "Growing up between the Plow Handles", by Jimmy Thomas.
Compiled & published here by Wayne Austin 6/6/2005.