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This old house on the old Sowell farm lane is in a declining state. but we are blessed to know where the Sowell's lived as this old relic is soon to be gone. No doubt it was a much celebrated family home in its day and was a part of the 200 acre William P. & Polly W. Sowell place. This house is actually about 2,500 square feet. It spans back behind this front view. This is the original Sowell place we read about in Century Review of Maury County, 1906 and therefore it was built according to "Century Review of Maury County" just after the Civil War.

Locator Map          Area view of Cemetery

SOWELL, Polly W., 15 Oct 1805 - 24 Nov 1895. "Mother" (Wife of William P. Sowell and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Cathey Walker.)
SOWELL, James A., 4 Jan 1838 - 25 Jul 1918. "Son", "The angels sweetly called them, To join the heavenly throng." (Son Wm. P. & Polly W.; Co. E., 19th Tenn. Calvary, C.S.A.)

"These are the only marked graves here but, since the surrounding farm has been a very active one through the years, there might have been others in the area." F.L.H., 1986 [confirmed WA, 2009]

Sources: MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE CEMETERIES Page 96, by Fred Lee Hawkins,  5 Apr 1986; THEY PASSED THIS WAY, Page C-49, by Evelyn Lightfoot and Marise Shackelford, 1963.  For more notes and information see the book by Fred L. Hawkins. Compiled and published here 19 Jan 2009 by Wayne Austin. Photos from a visit 13 Jan 2009 on a cloudy day about 11:50 A.M..