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This is a very old cemetery and on the verge of decay beyond repair. The Nixon family memorials cluster together and the others excepting the Briggs tombs scatter about.

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BRIGGS, Annis, 19 Feb 1807 - 3 _ _ 1847. Aged 39 yrs, was a member of _ _ _ at this place. (Fragment of top of box tomb.)
BRIGGS, Jane P., 19 Mar 1834 - 13 Mar 1851, 16-10-24. "Daughter of John & Annis Briggs; member of Methodist Church at this place." (Box tomb, inscription on side.)
ENGLISH, M. S., 22 Aug 1840 - 19 Dec 1841. "Daughter of W. H. & M. B."
GRAY, James V., 11 Mar 1846 - 1 Oct 1868. "Son of Samuel Gray; married 20 Aug 1868."
JACKSON, E. F., died 18 Apr 1844. (TS fallen & broken, covered with dirt.)
JACKSON, E. R., died in peace 10 Nov 1845. 
KITTRELL, Ammerrillo M., 3 Aug 1852 - 16 Sep 1853. 13 mo., 13 days. (Box tomb, top broken.)
NICHELS, James M. L., d. 17 Jul 1851. 'Son P. H. & S. Nichels" (memorial not found in 2008)
NIXON, Rev. John Sr., 2 Jul 1768 - 9 Dec 1840.
NIXON, Elizabeth, 11 Nov 1761 - 25 Jun 1823. "Wife of Rev. John Nixon, Sr."
NIXON, Nancy, 10 Jul 1780 - 9 Jun 1828. "Dau. John Nixon Sr."
NIXON, John, Jr., 13 Sep 1795 - 26 Jun 1824. 'Son Rev. John Nixon.' (Tombstone toppled & covered with dirt.)
NIXON, Martha C., d. 29 Jul 1853. 18 ys 4 Ms 23 ds. 'Dau. W. & M. Nixon." (Tall spire, toppled, only the center piece with the inscription stands now.)
WHITE, A. J. M., 11 Jun 1863 - 9 Oct 1870. "Son A. J. M. & E. L. White.:" (memorial not found in 2008)

Black families across the field southwest of the white graves. 
CECIL, Nettie P. "Little", born 1933 - _ _ Feb 1937. "At Rest"
FRIERSON, Mrs Izora, 28 Jun 1915 - 27 Feb 1937. 
WEBSTER, Addie G., 18 Feb 1914 - 8 Aug 1956.

Black families of the neighborhood cemetery (name unknown to me) - 80+ graves up the hill about 150 yards west from the old white cemetery:
LINDSEY, Laura Belle, 22 Dec 1930 - 1 May 2009. (Nee: Laura Belle Sykes; mar. to James Henry "Red" Lindsey in Iuka, Mississippi, he died Jan 1988; 10 children. Ref: Peggy McNabb

The grass was tall in this cemetery and it is possible that I missed the above stones whereby no photo was offered. We relied on Mr. Fred Hawkins for those two listings. Two fallen box tombs without inscription on top were still present. It is possible that the inscription is on the side and that part is buried in the soil. Several box tomb parts were sort of piled up and it was hard to figure out what part belonged to each boxtomb without having a lifting capability to raise the very heavy parts up and sort them out. One Tombstone base was found, the base is probably a footstone for the James V. Gray tomb. 
There are also large spaces between marked graves that might have been used for burials. 
For the past century the back part of the cemetery has been used by the black families of the community and approximately 80 burials have been made there. If you have photos or listing for that cemetery you may send them in to be included here. Be sure to include the name of the cemetery if it is different from Shiloh Church Cemetery as I do not have any info on that cemetery.

Sources: They Passed This Way, page A-124, about 1967; Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries , page 762, Listed 22 Feb 1988, by Fred Lee Hawkins; Photos and information by Wayne Austin based on a visit 25 Sep 2008. Organization and publication by Wayne Austin, 30 Sep 2008.