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Shane Cemetery, Campbell Station, Maury County, Tennessee

Shane Cemetery War Veterans

Revolutionary War

ALLEN, James, 1759 - 1829. (Co A, 10 Virginia Regiment, REVOLUTIONARY WAR at Valley Forge.)

, ‘A Soldier of the REVOLUTION, who departed this life. (It is believed) (b.12 Nov 1742; d. 1839. The tombstone broken and mended,6/1/2002-fallen and in danger of loss)

, 1 Nov 1753 - 16 Apr 1833. (Cpl. Co. IL, 3 VA. Regt., REVOLUTIONARY WAR, at Valley Forge)

Civil War

CAMPBELL, G. W., 25 May 1845 - 10 May 1885. (39-11-15.)‘Son Dr. J. H. & S. A. Campbell.’ (George W. Campbell, Maury Co., Tn., Soldier's Pension #S10583 11th Holman's Cav. C.S.A.; rank in Pvt., rank out Pvt. Film #M231 roll 7.)

CAMPBELL, A. J., 14 Feb 1834 -29 May 1883. (29-03-15.) "Son John & Sarah." (Maj. Co. F, 48th Tenn lnf., C.S.A.; kept wartime diary; single.; And J. Campbell, 48th Voorhies Tn. In. Co. F., rank in Captain, rank out Major, Film #M231 roll 7.)

COFFEY, S. M. (Samuel Madison), 24 Sep 1842 - 17 Nov 1910.(Co. F, 48th Tenn Inf., C.S.A./ Samuel Madison Coffee, Giles Co., Tn., Soldier's Pension #S5136, 6th Wheeler's Cav./Widow's Pension #W3398 by Martha Ann Coffey who is also buried at Shane Cem.)

HOBBS, J. L. (Jefferson Lafayette), 19 Dec 1842 - 7 Mar 1922. (Son Jordan & Martha Hobbs; Co. F, 48th Tenn lnf.; & Co. E, 1st Tenn Cav., C.S.A.; Soldier's Pension #S12947 48th Voorhies' Inf.)

HOBBS, Caleb, 1834 - (13 Mar) 1897. (Son Jordan & Martha Hobbs; 3rd Tenn lnf., C.S.A.; Clack's 3rd Tn. Inf. Co. B, rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt. Film #M231 roll 21.)

HOBBS, John N., 21 Jun 1845 - 28 Oct 1925. (Son Jordan & Martha Hobbs; Co. F, 48th Tenn Inf., C.S.A., alternate name, J.N. Hobbs, Davidson Co., Tn., Soldier's Pension #S9916, 48th Voorhies Tn. Inf.)

KERR, Joseph B., 19 Oct 1838-10 May 1905.(68-06-22.)(Son William & Mary Crafton Kerr; mar.1st, Sarah E. Barker [see McCain’s Cem.];Co.F.,48th Tenn.lnf.,C.S.A.)

LENEAVE, T. M.(Thomas M., 7 Oct 1841 - 24 Oct 1897. (C.S.A., Clack's 3rd Tn. Inf. Co. F., rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt. film #M231 roll 25.)

MARTIN, Thomas T., 14 Oct 1841 - 25 Apr 1920. Father. (Son Henry & Sarah B.; 11th Tenn Cav., C.S.A.; Holman's 11th Tn. Cav. Co. E. rank in Pvt. rank our Pvt. film #M231 roll 27; alternate name Thomas F. Martin, Maury Co., Tn., Soldier's Pension #S7736 11th Holman's Tn. Cav.)

MARTIN, William Groves, 22 Sep 1825 -16 May 1917. (Son of Henry T. & Sarah Burnley Martin; Co. E., II Tenn Calv., C.S.A.; alternate name, W.G. Martin, 11th Holman's Tn. Cav. Co. E, rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt. film #M231 roll 27; preacher, Ch. of Christ.)

McMURRAY, J. D. (James David), 14 Oct 1840 - 18 Oct 1938. (Nat. Smith Co.; Son John & Martha Kittrell McMurray; Cpl., Co. B, 48th Tenn lnf.; C.S.A; Soldier's Pension #S15687 48th Voorhies' Inf.)

TAYLOR, Francis Marion, 11 Feb 1846 - 25 May 1922. (Son of Claybourne & Elizabeth Taylor; Co. F., 48th Tenn inf. & Co. E, 11th Tenn. Cay., C.S.A. Soldier's Pension #S14381 48th Tn. Inf.)

TAYLOR, George C., 12 Dec 1848 - 31 Aug 1894. (Son Claybourne & Elizabeth; C.S.A. 48th Voorhies' Tn. Inf, rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt. film #M231 roll 43. )

World War II

BALL, William Sherral, 20 Feb 1920 - 14 Jun 1981. (Son of Willie Mack & Dora Martin Ball; (Tec 4, U.S.Army, WWII.)

KERR, Edward Tilman
, 19 Feb 1910 - 12 Dec 1981. (Son Ross & Sallie Coffee Kerr; (WWII Memorial), Pvt. US Army, WWII.)

, 23 Jan 1913 -28 Sep 1980. (Nat. Giles Co.; son Rufus Campbell & Pearl Cross Hayes; U.S. Army, WWII.)

War service not specified

CROSS, Leslie C., 1 May 1900 - 6 Oct 1974. (U.S. Army.)

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