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JACKSON, Mark, no dates remaining (b. 12 Nov 1742; d. 1839), Soldier of the Revolutionary War. (stone no longer readable as of 2010 C.W.A.)

Inscription:"SACRED to the memory of Mark Jackson, A Soldier of the REVOLUTION, who departed this life, (1839 ) it is believed....")
The Stone is fallen and sadly in need of repair or replacement. If this stone is not soon remounted upright the lawn mowers will destroy it. Notice the large light gouges in the lower right corner). If you are in this cemetery put a small American Flag next to the stone to alert the grounds keepers of its location because they are having trouble seeing it. (CWA 15 Jun 2002)

Update a recent visit to this cemetery found this stone destroyed by the lawn mowers just as I predicted. Better preserve this photo because once it is gone there is nothing remaining of this stone. It is still there just very little inscription is visible today because the lawn mowers have ran over the stone until now it is destroyed. (CWA 2010)
This stone was photographed in 2002 and graphics added later to show the fading inscription which is today (2011) gone. C. Wayne Austin