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Shane Cemetery - Campbell Station

View of part of the Shane Cemetery looking at some of the fieldstone I have marked out. This is in the western part of the cemetery.  While I have left the history mostly to Mr. Fred Hawkins to relate it is necessary here to tell you that William Kerr deeded the property to this cemetery very early about 1815. In 1824 Shane Meeting house was established for the Methodist Church by the Shane Family who moved on. So that means there were probably more burials beginning as early as circa 1815. The earliest marked grave found today is about 1838. That means all the burials between the first grave about 1815 and 1838 were without un-inscribed markers. However some of the graves without un-inscribed markers might have been occurred after 1838 due to the expense and tradition. Many of you reading this who had ancestry in the Campbell Station (Believe it was called Campbells then. The Station was added to the name with the growth in importance of the Rail Lines in the 1860s or 1870s), but could not find their marked grave can find your ancestor's burial place on this page but you or me for that matter will have only our speculation to contend with. If anyone is aware of the person's name buried beneath any of these unmarked graves let me know so we can correct this. Photo made Dec 2002 by Wayne Austin.

View of part of the Shane Cemetery looking south. This is also the western section. 

Each of these field stones probably mark a grave. They are actually lined up in the rows though this photo does not do that justice. Surnames of marked stone close by is Craig, Redding, Hobbs, Cline, Martin, Warden.