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CAMPBELL, Sarah Ann, 27 Jan 1825 - 12 Oct 1863. ‘Consort of James H. Campbell; dau. J.S. & F.M. Hunt.) Large Box Tomb still in superb shape. It is sheltered by the massive cedars to the right.

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Sent: Wed, May 9, 2012 8:19 pm
Subject: Shane Cemetery Sarah Ann Campbell.
Hi, Wayne.  Today I was revisiting the Shane Cemetery in Maury County, Tennessee----online of course.
I realized an error I had in my information:
CAMPBELL, Sarah Ann, 27 Jan 1825 - 12 Oct 1866. (Consort of James H. Campbell; dau. J.S. & F.M. Hunt.)
The Campbell Family Bible says Sarah Ann Campbell died 1863.  This is important since her widower remarried in March 1866.
Thanks for all your tromping around overgrown cemeteries getting the great shots.
Beverly Jones

My best shot at transcribing this tombstone:
 Here lies the body of Sarah
 Ann, Consort of James H. Campbell.
and Daughter of J. . . . .M.
Hunt born January . . 7th 1. . .
Died Oct 12th 186(3? or perhaps 5)
(epitah). . . triumphant in faith. 

Hi Beverly. Good to hear of you.
My position of course is that the tombstone inscriptions are listed on this site. However, when the tombstone is proven wrong. I will post the exception note showing that.
I have found the original photo and manipulated it some (shown above) for readability sake. Luckily the year date of death is at least mostly verifiable. I can make out 186 and see that the last number is not a 6 and I see a period in that last digit as if it is in the beginning of a 3. This is enough to make me reverse my position and state it is 1863 since all other records verify that. I will qualify previous historians saying the inscription is 1866 along with showing your proof of error.
When I did the Shane Cemetery I was new and had little knowledge of how to prove out the inscription using photography. So in this case I have no large format photo which verifies what the inscription says.
C Wayne Austin  - 9  May 2012