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This map shows the Rose Hill Cemetery adjacent to Rosemont Cemetery in downtown Columbia Tennessee. Rose Hill was created for the white citizens use and Rosemont Cemetery for the black citizens. One can see the various roads thru these cemeteries from the aerial overlay from MSN Virtual earth. It looks like Rose Hill is accessible from the west side at Cemetery Ave while Rosemont is accessible from the north side at East 11th Street. Cemetery Avenue connects up to the main north south street (Hwy 31/7). The gray line traversing northwest to southeast is the Rail Road track.

This map shows the layout of the Rose Hill cemetery in blocks. On the right is Rosemont and I do not know the layout of that cemetery. On the Left is the Rose Hill Cemetery with lettered sections. The best entrance is the one just to the right of the Rail Overpass. That is from Cemetery Avenue. For now all the listings are grouped together but later as more transcriptions come in we will group by Block letters A-T. That is consistent with the way Mr Fred Hawkins has his book layed out.

Maps from MSN Virtual earth. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin 11/23/2005.