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Thomas Jefferson Cox as reported on

COX, Alice Corcoran, 2 Sep 1868 - 26 Aug 1903. Wife of Thomas Jefferson Cox. died in Decatur Alabama. After Alice died Thomas remarried to Elsie Besant, and they lived & died in Decatur Alabama. Block "M"
COX, Nortney, infant son, b. 21 Aug 1903, Columbia, TN d. 22 Aug 1903, son of T. J. & Alice Cox, (His mom, Alice Corcoran Cox died 4 days later. His dad, Thomas "Tom" J. Cox, remarried and moved way.) Block "M"
Photo & info compiled & sent by MB Richardson 23 Apr 2011.

Photos in the collection of Sheila Henderson Eddlemon or Linda Pilkinton in Columbia, TN. 75 new documents and photos were scanned by Marilyn Whittemore Adams and entered on-line by Wendy Leyes Corcoran for our families during our "mini" Corcoran reunion--April 8-12, 2011 in Columbia, TN.
Permission to add here by: Wendy & John Corcoran
22 Apr 2011

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