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An old postcard commemorating the burial of Senator Carmack. "Scene at the burial of Senator Carmack, Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia Tenn., Nov 11, 1908". Unrelated script writing: "Miss Mary named her new son Clyde. The rain washed things every way Tuesday. Have one of my waists (sewing) made. 2/26/1909". 

CARMACK, Edward Ward, 1858 - 1908. Block 'C' (U.S. Senator.) (Edward Carmack a prohibitionist, and editor of the Nashville Tennessean, opposed Malcom Patterson for governor. The dominating issue between the two men was the issue of whiskey. Carmack is said to attack those who were for the whiskey business, through his columns in the newspaper especially, Duncan Cooper, a close friend and ally of Governor Patterson. Duncan Cooper and his son Robin met Edward Carmack on the street in Nashville, Tennessee in November of 1908, shots were fired and Carmack was killed.), Block 'C' 
 Information by Mary Bob McClain Richardson, Dec 05