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Article from the Columbia Tennessee Daily Herald, by John Henson 20 Jun 2008. Some of the article writing was by Bob Duncan, Maury Archivist.

The Catinna Cabin, which was added-on-to several times, was built by Peter M. Catinna b: Dec 1831/(or April 1828). Peter M. was the grandfather of my step grandfather Peter N. Catinna b: 17 May 1889. Dad built a house on the hill above the Catinna Cabin in 1953 and we lived there till 1960 when we moved to Riverside. I lived on W. 9th St. and never knew it was the Old Jackson Military Road until a few years ago.

We were near Mt. Pleasant during our visit to TN. Wanted to visit my parents graves in Polk Memorial Gardens and see Rattle and Snap Plantation. I have driven past Rattle and Snap a hundred times and I decided this trip I would take my wife on the tour. As it turned out my aunt went with us and found she had been antiquing with the owner several times with one trip to KY. It's a small world. [Larry 15 Oct 2012.]

Information sent in by Mary Bob McClain, 15 Oct 2012, but comes to us as compiled and written by her source Larry Orr.