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HIE, Tonie, 15 Jan 1914 - 15 Jan 1979.
HIE, Anna T., 14 Apr 1918 - 3 Aug 1953.
(wife of Tonie Hie)

The Hie's are the parents of my (Faye Bradford) Uncle Tony (he spells it different). Anna and Tonie and their four or five children escaped from Budapest, Hungry when Tony, Jr. was about 12 or 13. The children were Tony, John, and twins Anna and Rosa and there may have been another child. I can find out from my aunt and uncle, if there were four or five. They came over here to a sponsor to work on the farm. Tony has a picture of the family made with the family two or three to a window from a train somewhere in Europe. His mom died about 18 months or so after they got here. The only thing she brought with her other than clothes was her iron.
Photo & info by Wayne Austin, 27 Dec 2006. Story about the Hie's from Faye Bradford submitted 23 Jul 2010.