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This view looks west at most of the cemetery but it is a bit obscured by the shrub growth being too tall.

Here is the corner of the wrought iron fence with the red flowering plant in the background. We can also see the large lake in the background. We are looking northwest. 

We looking across the memorials of one of the the children's areas in this graveyard.

This view shows the Rev William Orton Roberts memorial in the front area of the cemetery. We are looking west to north. 

This photo made from near the front of the cemetery next to Roberts Bend Road shows the south side of the cemetery with a view of the church building in the background.

Another view of the mid section of the Roberts Chapel looking southwest.

This view looks northwest from inside the cemetery at the iron fence and memorials around it.

In this final view from just inside the cemetery we can see the old church building. Someone in the past tried to at least save the building by boarding the windows and keeping the roof repaired, but no more. It is called creeping degradation. Each generation does a little less than the previous one to maintain such property until one day is it too late. This was certainly a historic structure and should have been preserved as a part of the cemetery.
Photos and information by Wayne Austin. 24 Mar 2009.