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Rieves Cemetery Veterans

Civil War
LAMAR, Larkin S.(Samuel), 8 Jun 1840 - 1 Dec 1919. (C.S.A., Soldier's Pension #S11174, Clack's 3rd Tn. Inf.; Alternate name L. S. Lamar, 3rd Clack's Tn. Inf. Co. E, rank in Pvt rank out Pvt., film #M231 roll 25.)

RIEVES, N. G. (Nathaniel Green), 6 Feb 1835 - 17 Aug 1907. (Company "H" 1st Tenn. Inf. Regiment C.S.A., Soldier's Pension #S7537 Field's 1st Tn. Inf., Widow's Pension #W1991 by Susie Alice Rieves.; 1 (Field's Tn. Inf., Co. H. rank in Pvt. rank out Corporal, alternate name Nathaniel G. Reeves, film # M231 roll 37.)

RIEVES, Elijah N.B., 1839 - 1935. "Father", C.S.A.,(Soldier's Pension #S16273, 48th Nixon's Tn. Inf.; 1st Field's Tn. Inf. Co. H., rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt., alternate name Elijah N.B. Reaves, film # M231 roll 37.)

SPEED, Thad., 1840 - 1906. (C.S.A., Theodore S. Speed, Maury Co., Soldier's Pension #S5060 & S6279, Field's 1st Tn. Inf. [Note: I believe Thad is the nickname of Theodore S. who was married to Elizabeth Speed. mb.] 1st Field's Tn. Inf. Co. H, rank in Pvt rank out Pvt., Film #M231 roll 41.)

World War I
RIEVES, Earl Nathan, (no date) - 2 Jan 1943, 55 yrs. old. (Pvt. 114 F.A., 30 Div. WWI.; Son E.N.B. and Mary C.)

SHANNON, John Eugene, 20 Dec 1893 - 14 Nov 1956. (162 DEPOT BRIG., WWI.)

World War II
SMITH, Clarence, E., 20 Mar 1914 - 4 Mar 1969, US Navy Tenn EMI WWII.

Ref: Tennessee State Library and Archives (Pension numbers) Civil War Soldiers and Sailors (Film numbers) Compiled 11 Feb 2010 & Submitted by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 16 Mar 2010. Posted by Wayne Austin 19 Jan 2009.