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Mapping the location

BUGG, John, 6 Dec 1776 - 19 Sep 1844.
BUGG, Sally,
6 Feb 1778 - 24 Nov 1851. 
25 Dec 180_ - 1 May 1848. (43-1-0.) (Son William & Keziah Richardson.)
RICHARDSON, unknown,
(Fieldstone marked grave to left of above.)
19 Jun 1831 - 13 Dec 1853.
aged 22 years 5 Months & 24 days. "Consort of William C. Richardson; daughter of Dr. J. S. Hunt. (Shaft memorial). "The deceased had been several years a member of the Church of Christ & died triumphant in the faith, leaving an infant son who survived her a few months, who was born on 20 May 1853 and who died the 10th day of August of 1854, aged 1 yr., 3 mos. & 21 days & who lies on her left side. His name was James Mason Richardson."
23 May 1832 - 27 Sep 1833. 1 year 4 months & 4 Days "Son James M. & Lucy Richardson."
RICHARDSON, Infant daughter
of James & Lucy, 8 Aug 1841. (3 days.)
20 May 1835 -15 Nov 1848. Aged 13 year, 5 mo. & 26 days. Dau. James M. & Lucy. (Top of box tomb, dismantled & broken) balance of tombstone long disappeared. This has to be on purpose. There would be a pile of rocks now to designate as the base of the box tomb. Someone deliberately carted off the base rocks and discarded them.

RICHARDSON, unknown,
(base of a box tomb no inscription. This part is the grave cover and stones for the wall sit on top of it to build up to the flat top which is installed on top with the inscription.)

It is thought that William & Keziah Richardson, parents of James M., are interred here along with Lucy Richardson,  wife of James M. Richardson. 

Mr. Fred Hawkins comments in 1987: This small family graveyard was once enclosed in a rock wall but the rock wall is now completely removed. Only two memorials are now standing and a few others are lying flat or have been pushed out of the way. Mrs. Scott said that she had been told that a part of the area had been bulldozed a few years ago. [F.L.H., 1987]

Commentary by Wayne Austin 20 Feb 2010. This old cemetery has been extremely abused. Many of the stones are missing and others lye flat on the ground decaying from underground moisture buildup which expands and contracts the stones and breaks them down. For old soft limestone memorials to survive they must be kept as dry as possible and kept off of the ground so they can dry quickly from the ensuing rains and shed the water from their surface. There has been no effort for that  to happen here, so most are now extremely decayed and unreadable. There are even major declines in the condition of this cemetery since 1987 when Mr. Fred Hawkins was here. I don't think in recent times anyone is  guilty of anything except neglect & not being aware of how natural decaying processes can be at least delayed through proper upkeep of these tombs. Also these tombstone could have been preserved by applying over their surface an appropriate  mixture of mortar, hydrated lime & sand. That hardens the surface & makes them more resistant to and allows proper absorption of moisture. Do not use water repellents or other means of sealing the surface of tombstones. [WA 20 Feb 2010.] writes:
My great great grandfather Elisha Pullen was married first to Anna Richardson. The Pullens are buried at New Ramie cemetery about 500 yards northeast of this cemetery. It has come to my attention that this cemetery exist a Richardson family Cemetery
on the north side of Valley Creek road.  My best guess is that it is the William Richardson family who founded the Richardson cemetery. William Richardson built his home near here about 1812. I believe he passed away sometime around 1826 and his eldest son James Richardson inherited the land from his mother Keziah. I think James passed away about 1848 and the house and land was purchased by Shadrach Dugger who chose to be buried in the New Ramah Cemetery. I have pictures of this old home published in the Columbia Herald dated 1975. I believe the home burned down in the 1980s. I should add that I don't know a great deal about the William Richardson line because they are not in my direct line. He was an uncle of Anna Richardson Pullen and came to Maury County from Wilkes Co., GA. He may have been a Revolutionary veteran, but I'm not sure about that at this time. Thank you for all your good work. It's very much appreciated and valued. Pat Cribbet, Sullivan, Illinois, 17 Dec 2006. Edited by Wayne Austin for this site 18 Dec 2006. Revised again to add the photos and findings of this cemetery visit, which are not as valued as we would have hoped.

Based largely on a site visit 29 Sep 2009 by Wayne Austin; Also published in the book They Passed This Way, page D-213. Listed 1963 by J. C. Parrish & Marise P. Lightfoot;  Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, page 513. Listed on 18 Nov 1987, Fred L. Hawkins.