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Our Purpose
Here we present cemeteries for the purpose of yielding to the visitor history, genealogy and cemetery preservation. While we tend to also preserve memories of the interred it is not our primary focus.

Who is buried where
You will find in many cases the photographs a bit redundant. Redundancy is offered for the purpose of allowing the visitor to draw their best conclusion as to which graves are near other graves of interest. The proximity of the graves are an important determinant as to the relationship of the individual burials to one another. Determining relationships is the primary focus here which is of genealogical importance to the average visitor. Our focus is on the tombstones and not on the graves for the photography effort. The graves are in a row and the tombstones are usually in different rows at the head or usually west of the grave. This leaves room for confusion if one cannot determine where the graves lie in relation to the tombstones in the photographic effort.

Regarding Unmarked Graves
It is our purpose to present cemeteries we show of Southern Middle Tennessee and Northwestern Alabama in a way that yields the best available truth of who may be interred in these grounds.  That may be irrespective of whether there is a headstone there or not. You will find many photos of fieldstones and sunken grave plots with no stone presented and we in no way usually have the perfect truth if these are really graves there or not. There are certain evidences of a grave that were mostly applied but in some cases our approach was not scientific enough to prove whether or not the focal point of the photo was actually a grave or anomaly instead of a grave. you will notice prior researchers looked around and counted the fieldstones and showed that information We believe that to be helpful information, but usually this is not conclusive as to whether those counts represent actual graves without inscribed headstones or not.
It is our aim to give you enough information on this site in most cases to draw the same conclusion concerning the number of unmarked graves as this researcher was able to make.
Wayne Austin 17 May 2010