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This is a labeled view looking southwest from the northwest corner. As you can see there is no grass in this cemetery. The cows keep it down. Also brush is lying around from fallen trees which have been damaged by the bark being eaten away. This is a sad way to treat an old historic cemetery and I am sure the owners get into lax habits because of public apathy and lack of attention by the public in understanding what is there. I think the only solution is to move all the cemetery assets to a common location and leave behind one impenetrable stone with the interred listings on that. Then most of the ground can be returned back to the farmer. The graves moved can then have the accompanying stones set in place and properly maintained by a common caretaker with a full time interest. 
Photo & info by Wayne Austin 12/22/2005.

This view looking back northeast from the southwest corner. The two stone in the background for Louis & William Wortham are actually in a long row of graves that is about the only complete row in the cemetery. Other stones are set apart in different places and I assume the graves are aligned the same way. These graves are facing east in the traditional Christian way.