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A severely endangered Cemetery

Pulliam Cemetery List photos of known stones

Area photos of the Cemetery

Maps showing location of the Cemetery

From Porters going west on Mt Pleasant Road take the left fork and turn southwest on the Wheelerfield Road and go about 100 yards and turn right (back northwest) on the Old Polk Lane. Pulliam Cemetery will be on the left out about 300 yards in the middle of an open field with cattle all around. If you go there proceed slowly and do not alarm the cattle. I found the the fence was standing only on one side and that the cattle had been roaming freely through the cemetery pushing the stones over by rubbing into the stones. There was no grass growing there due to the cattle killing it.  A box tomb was found broken and scattered and most of the parts of the top were missing and the inscription lost. It probably has sunken below the ground. Also several stones were lying on the ground. There were few field stones remaining today marking graves as those (over time) fall over and sink below the ground when they are disturbed by farm animals. The few stones that were standing had bases that extended into the ground probably as deep as 4 feet and that is what keeps them upright. Most were dated in the 1830s & 1840s but one was as recent as the 1890s.  Wortham, Pulliam, Parker, and Moody are the surnames of persons interred here. 

The photographer started on the northeast corner of the cemetery and went south and then across to the next row west and then north on that row and continued to follow that pattern until the last stone found was photographed. There were several skips
If you live nearby and/or have relatives buried please help this farmer realize (and contribute to that effort) the need to fence this cemetery separately from his cattle. That was the case at one time and then we all let our guard down including the farmer/land owner and the fence was trampled by the cattle. Fences need attention to stand for long.
In the thicket in the distance will be the cemetery.

Intersection of Old Polk Lane and Mt Pleasant Road.