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      This cemetery is located just off Highway 50 on the left traveling west from Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee. At this writing the sign on the highway has been taken down.
An overview of the cemetery shows many markers, fieldstones and a block fence surrounding it. The fence is only two blocks high with several entrances. There are no trees in this cemetery, but a wire fence on the back has trees and makes for a shady evening in the cemetery.
(The earliest grave that is marked is that of Margaret P. Anderson, daughter of William and Margaret Anderson. She was born 1877 and died 1882.)

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Signage - Popular Union Cemetery

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The old Anderson Farm

History of Popular Union Cemetery E-mail Update: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 19:35:02 

Faye Jackson: Joyce do you know how the name Popular Union Cemetery came about? 

Joyce Mayberry: I can find no reference as to its name. I do know there was once a schoolhouse there. And if there was a school house more than likely there was a church. The name sounds like a Church name. Perhaps a Baptist, but do not know. I am not aware if the Andersons were Baptist. There may be a deed somewhere that would tell, but that has to be later research.  Sorry I cannot be of more help, but a good guess would be a Church. In early days, school buildings were also used as churches, and that is what it sounds like. Joyce Mayberry, Hickman County Historical Society.

Faye (Elliot) Jackson, June 10,11 2007. Anyone wishing to discuss this cemetery or the history may E-mail me at 

The Cemetery Survey & family history writings, & records of Faye Jackson with help from Sandra Lindsey as noted June 10 & 11, 2007.