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A List of the memorials and some photos.
Views of the Cemetery
Cemetery signage Monument, founded 1867.
A Tribute to the hardy pioneers of Pleasant Mount.
Civil War Veterans interred in Pleasant Mt Cemetery.
Pleasant Mount Cemetery listings as related by/to Mark Murphy
Maps of the Cemetery Location

Grist Mills of Maury County including the nearby Love Mill that at one time was near here.

The Pleasant Mount Cemetery was formed from the hardy pioneers who were the followers of the Cumberland Presbyterian faith in the Glendale Community. However it is also in measure a community cemetery. This historic church and Cemetery is located just off of Highway 50 on the north side and just east of the Fountain Creek & old Bridge. The church is very active and maintains a prominence in the community. 
It belongs to a people who know the meaning of the traditional values of orderliness & neatness. The cemetery is probably one of the best maintained in the county with no visible signs of lawnmower scrapes and other evidence of those rushing thru a task that should be plied with care and respect for those gone before. 

The Church and Grounds

The welcome sign.