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This house was built by Clay Hight. It is located on Hwy 50 Columbia to Lewisburg. Clay Hight is buried at Pleasant Mount Cemetery. His wife was Susie. 
My sister and her husband bought the old farm house at the time it was in bad condition. It was sitting on large boulders. It has a double stair case inside and hardwood floors. The walls were little tiny slats of wood that looked like hardwood. I loved it when they first restored it. It has since been restore two times by them.  They have redone the walls and added on another bathroom (claw foot tub) It is lovely. They had to put insulation and sheet rock over the wooden walls because they were freezing in the winter time, but have maintained best they could the original look inside of the house. The current owners are Mr & Mrs. James Bradburn. 
Information and photos by Mary Bob McClain Richardson, 4 Oct 2008.