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The red check shows the location of the Pigg Cemetery. It is not on the USGS records so this improvised map shows the GPS coordinates. The GPS Lat & Long is correct as shown above.

This map shows at the junction of Mingo Branch Road and Snow Creek Road (Hwy 247) where you will find this cemetery. northwest of Columbia Tennessee. The cemetery is shown with the red dot as all others are on the above map. It is not really on this map by MS Streets & Trips but I graphically added it here for completion purposes. The above map shows incorrectly the Mingo Branch on the west side of Mingo Branch Road at the junction of that road and Hwy 247. It is actually on the west side of Mingo Branch Road. For perfect accuracy these maps leave something to be desired and that is why the old Topographical maps are so important as details are more accurate if they are up to date.

Notice in this Aerial view the clump of trees where the cemetery is located on the east side and about 80 yards from Mingo Branch Road and north of and 150 yards from the Snow Creek Road. 
Map from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin,
18 May 2010.