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The broken memorial of John Peeler. This stone has two breakages and probably is the work of vandals or a tree falling on the stone. We are missing at least two pieces of it. The base and a sliver in the center

PEELER, John, 10 Apr 1860 - 18 Apr 1878. (Tombstone is tumbled and broken through the death date. Looks like born "1860" died "1848". If so this is an obvious inscription error. I do not see the death year as died 1918 as Mr. Hawkins did, but who knows anything is possible. Footstone: 'J.P." still standing upright. This stone is clearly not of the style used in 1918 and it to me belies the styles of 1848 more so than even 1878. That indicates the birth year is in error. So maybe 1800 - 1848 is a possibility, or 1806 - 1848. The 1850 census may be a good source to resolve this if John Peeler was living during that.

Photos & Research by Wayne Austin 8 Apr 2009 based on photos and a visit 27 Jan 2009.