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Also known as the Peyton Cemetery or the Dry Fork Cemetery.
Directions: From Hampshire (highway 412/99) go west on Dry Fork Road 2  1/2 miles. You will find the cemetery on the left side of the road just before the road bends northward.

Locator Map of the cemetery    View of the cemetery

Veterans interred here

DYCUS, Leslie Walker, Sr., 14 Jan 1898 - 10 Mar 1950. (Tenn Cpl 13 Regt USMC, World War I.)
DYCUS, Emily Bryian, 29 Sep 1900 - 10 Feb 1945.

DYCUS, Walter Thomas, 20 Jan 1878 - 24 Oct 1943.
DYCUS, Fannie Ellen, 19 Feb 1878 - 10 Feb 1967.
NOLES, James N., 15 Apr 1852 - 9 Dec 1896. (Tomb stone tumbled, 1987, not found in 2008)
PATTON, Sebastion, 1807 - 1852. Father.
PATTON, Elizabeth, 1832 - 1890. Mother. (Nee Peyton.)
PATTON, Almeda, 6 Apr 1838 - 23 Apr 1903. (Wife of Tom Patton.)
PATTON, H. A., 1841 - (13 Feb) 1925. (Co. E. 9th Cav. Bn., Confederate States America.)
PATTON, Rachel Hart, 1843 - 1916. (Wife of H. A. Patton.)
PATTON, Arch B., 11 Apr 1889 - 4 May 1952.
PATTON, Angie M., 10 Jun 1892 - 2 Dec 1930.
PEYTON, Jacob J., 29 Mar 1846 - 12 Sep 1930. (Son Joseph & Darcus Ball Peyton; his remains moved to Arlington Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, Maury Co. 1962.
PEYTON, Mary E., 11 Dec 1868 - 27 Nov 1913. (Moved to Arlington Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tennessee, 1962.
PEYTON, Jimmie M., 5 Mar 1893 - 22 May 1919. (Moved to Arlington Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tennessee, 1962.
Unknown fieldstone probably marking grave. Near an old Cedar Tree Stump.

For more information see the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, 1987, VOL II,  page 689, for more genealogies, history, cemetery listings & analysis. Listed in They Passed This Way, Lightfoot & Shackleford, page A-134. Mr Fred in MCTC mentions there were several stones not found by him that the book Authors of T.P.T.W. found in the 1960s. We found three more dycus memorial listings than he did but the Peytons memorials were moved so this visitor missed one stone that Mr. Fred found. That is the James N. Noles memorial. Likely that has sunken into the ground and is hard to find.

This cemetery is basically abandoned though someone is bush-hog mowing around the premises. That is not good. The bush-hog mower is gouging the stones and causing serious damage where the stones are in the open away from trees. 

This cemetery previously was known as the Peyton Cemetery with a secondary name of Patton Cemetery. Since many of the Peyton graves were moved to Arlington Cemetery it is fitting to now predominately call it the Patton Cemetery with the secondary name of Peyton Cemetery. 
Initially Submitted by Mary Bob McClain Richardson 6/23/2007
. Visited and Photographed in the early afternoon 18 Nov 2008 by Wayne Austin. Revisons are related to our findings then.