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Elevation: 745 feet Latitude:35.601N Longitude:87.322W

DYCUS, Walter Thomas, 20 Jan 1878 - 24 Oct 1943.
DYCUS, Fannie Ellen, 19 Feb 1878 - 10 Feb 1967.
Someone is bush-hog mowing over this stone. That is not good. The bush-hog mower is gouging the stone and causing serious damage. Need proof? The circular shaped brown streaks of rusty greasy metal show up in a circular pattern. That is the shape of the circular moving metal blades of the giant mower. The stone itself is seriously damaged by the blades striking the surface and chipping away the sides and top of the stone. It is better to let the thickets take over the area than have this. Why do I  think it is a bush-hog? because no normal size mower would roll over this tall stone that sticks up from the ground about 6" high.
Information and photo by Wayne Austin 18 Nov 2008.