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Believe this map locates the Old Well Cemetery incorrectly. 

Believe this map also locates the Old Well Cemetery incorrectly. It is based on the USGS mapping coordinates.

Because of the mapping error above I am having a hard time finding a map with imagery clear enough to locate this cemetery. My best shot is with the red check but mapping services label this the Well Cemetery not the Old Well Cemetery. This location is before the trace and is labeled Well Cemetery on the topographical maps. This is an aerial image and I don't see how it can be wrong on the placement of the trace. Based on the best instructions one should go (past) under the trace but the spot there on the left of the road appears to have two houses, not a place where one finds cemeteries.

From Columbia, take Hwy 50 West to Shady Grove community; turn left at the grocery store on Hoover Road and follow that road. You will go under the Natchez Trace and soon will come upon the Old Well Cemetery on your left.
Supplemental instructions: Once you get on Hoover Rd (not Hoover Gap Road) from Hwy 50, do not turn until you get to the cemetery. You must go under the Trace around a curve and up a little hill. Old Well will then be on your left. There are no homes on either side of the cemetery, nor directly across the road. You will come to Old Well Cemetery before you come to Sheboss Rd.
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets, Map Quest & Bing Maps modified for this site by Wayne Austin 5 Sep 2009. Instructions by Faye Jackson & Sandra Lindsey.