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KENNEDY, Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Hunter Kittrell), 14 Dec 1884 - 11 Oct 1912. (In an e-mail to Mary Bob from Tom Childers ) note: difference in dob below obit.)
KENNEDY, J. Clarence, 8 July 1885 - 21 June 1960 (Son of (Richard) Anderson Kennedy)
KENNEDY. Ayala Brown, 10 Mar 1883 - 16 Oct 1959 (2nd wife of J. Clarence Kennedy)

Obituary of Elizabeth Kennedy,  from Tom Childers
Elizabeth Hunter Kittrell was born on December 14, 1886. She was baptized into Christ in 1899; was married to J. C. Kennedy on April 18, 1912; and died on October 11, 1912. She finished at the Nashville Bible School when she was eighteen years old, the youngest graduate the school had up to that time. She taught several years, always striving to exert an influence for good over her pupils. Elizabeth had a brilliant mind and great strength of character, but, above all else, she was just sweet and helpful. She was everything to her brothers and sisters. What this loss means to us, God only knows, but we have his promises to comfort us. In everything her Christian duty came first. When it was possible, she was at the Lords table upon the first day of the week, and she ended each day with reading and prayer. In every relation of life she faithfully discharged her duty. Between her and her young husband there existed a perfect love and trust. He cared for her with great tenderness and consideration during the weeks of illness. She suffered terrible agony, but she never uttered one impatient word. Her death was glorious and sublime. She seemed no more conscious of earthly things when she spoke the last words, as if to some loved one across the river: Darling, I'm coming over, and its so sweet. Then, with a peaceful, childlike expression upon her face, she fixed her beautiful radiant eyes on something far beyond the reach of mortal vision; and so she fell asleep. Dear little angel sister! It was such a blessing to have her for a little while, even though it was such anguish to give her up. Love never faileth; and she was love itself. Having had her, we can better understand the matchless love of the Savior, who always sacrificed his human need of rest and food to minister to others. Life with her was, to us, a foretaste of the happiness of heaven; the radiance in her dying eyes, a glimpse of its glory. Her pure, unselfish life will always be an inspiration to us to live nearer to God, and with his help we hope to meet her again. Words of comfort were spoken by Brother F. C. Sowell and she was laid to rest at the Old Well burial ground. --Her Sister. Gospel Advocate, January 2, 1913, page 18.

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