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The above cemetery with the marker is the James Oakley Cemetery. I believe the position on the map for the GPS coordinates are generally correct, but have not been there yet. But according to Gloria we have this posted too far west. She stated the monuments are no more than 40 feet NW of the house.

From Fly Village, take Leipers Creek Rd. southwest for 1 and 1/4 mile. (Don't think the Oakley Cemetery plotted on the above map is down the Leiper's Creek Road 1.25 miles. That is more like 1/2 mile) The cemetery is on right side of road behind Mr. Kirby White's house. There was at one time a Chicken Yard here but it has been eliminated and grass sowed and the cemetery looks great I am told by Gloria Smith of Booneville Mississippi. She has in recent years been to this cemetery three times. Mr Fred's 1.25 miles was right and so are the latest instructions of 1/2 mile. This was caused when a part of Leipers Creek Road which spanned west/east was taken over and added to the New Highway 7 going thru there. Actually the part of the old road that crooked around next to the creek was abandoned and the new straighter road was built as a part of Hwy 7. That explains the deviation.
From Gloria's instructions it sounds like I may have the wrong house pegged in the mapping above. Mr Whites house is only 75 yards down a strait drive and that fails the test of the above mapping. So use her instructions below instead of the above mapping if that does not reveal the Oakley Memorial.
More from Gloria Smith on the directions:
Wayne your written directions are good. I can't remember the exact mileage down Leiper's Creek Road to Mr. White's. Certainly not more than 1.25 miles, but definitely at least 1/2 mile. I will check some of my information. The maps do not look exactly right. The cemetery is not in trees or in a field. It's basically part of the back yard. Mr. White's house is probably not 75 yards off the road. It faces basically East and a gravel drive runs straight to the house from Leipers Creek Rd. It is a small red brick house on a slight knoll. The graveyard (it's more like that than a cemetery) is no more than 40ft to the back, NW side of the house. No trees or anything obscure the view. There is only the one large marker with all the names and the Revolutionary War marker. There are approximately 8-11 fieldstones around the ground that have initials carved on them. Initials match with the names on the large marker. The interesting thing that happened to me is that the first time I went to the cemetery I looked only at the front face of the marker. There was a fence directly behind it and tall grass and brush along the fence. I just didn't think of looking at the back since I was somewhat new to this. I worked almost a year, off and on, trying to figure out those initials. On my return trip, in talking to Mr. White about who the people may be and the ones I had figured out, he started telling me the names. When I asked him how he knew, he said, "Well, I read it on the marker. Didn't you look at the backside?" I said "No." He told me to walk around and take a look. All the names and dates are on the back. What a lesson to learn. I never check a marker anymore without checking all sides, top and base. Have found wonderful information somewhat hidden! [Gloria 4 Jun 2009]