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Mapping the location

OAKLEY, James, 1754 - 13 Apr 1848. (Daughters of the American Revolution plaque: REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER James Oakley, Sr., 1775 - 1783. Placed by Aurantia Chapter of D. A. R., Riverside, Cal."
OAKLEY, Janet, 1 Aug 1759 - no death date given.
OAKLEY, Stephen, 22 Jun 1803 - 26 Oct 1850. (Son James & Janet Oakley)
OAKLEY, Elizabeth, 19 Apr 1814 - 26 Sep 1898. (Wife of Stephen Oakley.)
OAKLEY, Joseph A., 26 Aug 1839 - 13 Sep 1845.
OAKLEY, Martha, 5 Aug 1841 - 18 Mar 1860.
OAKLEY, William P., 16 Jun 1843 - 14 Jun 1848.
OAKLEY, Mollie, 19 Nov 1848 - 11 Jul 1903.
13 Aug 1849 - 1925. "Erected by S. D. Oakley, 1904." (He is also listed on in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Franklin, Williamson Co. Tn..)

Located here is one massive monument with nine footstones marking the graves.  Mr. Humphrey said that just a few years ago some Oakley descendents came from California and sponsored a ceremony and the D. A. R. plaque then was erected. Visited 1986 by Mr. Vester Humphrey & Fred L. Hawkins. 1986

Recently visited by Gloria Smith with a good report of conditions stating as: The last time I was there, about two summers ago, there was a wire fence encircling the graves and chickens were roaming everywhere and scratching! There was no grass, just dirt. Cousins of mine that visited there reported that the chickens are gone and grass is now growing and that the cemetery looks much better. [Gloria Smith, Booneville MS., 3 Jun 2009]

Sources: They Passed this Way by Marise P. Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford, Page B-11, abt 1963; Maury County Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. 27 Sep 1986, page 207 Vol I. Upgraded several times for mapping and various notes.