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aka Johnson-Oakley Cemetery (in various maps.)

Mapping the location

+Known to be buried here but no stone is found or memorial by Vester Humphrey was established.

HUMPHREY, John, b. 1801 - 1881.
HUMPHREY, Elizabeth Oakley, b. 1804 - 1893. (G. Grandparents of Mr. Vester Humphrey,)
JOHNSON, Mary A. B., 30 Mar 1835 - 28 Jul 1854.
LEEPER, John, dates unknown. (Mr. Humphrey said that this is the man for whom the Creek is named (Leeper or Leiper) and that he is believed to be the first person buried here. (Others say that the creek was named for Hugh Leiper.) He was going to Henry Oakley's blacksmith shop in Fly when his mule threw and dragged him. He was dead when the mule finally stopped near the shop.)
OAKLEY, Henry, b. in Va. 1790 - death date unknown. (Son
of Henry Oakley.)
OAKLEY, Sally Trent, b. in Va. 1796 - death date unknown.
OAKLEY, Samuel Bolton, 10 Sep 1837 - 3 Oct 1870.
OAKLEY, Martha, 1841, "dau. of Henry & Sally.'
+OAKLEY, Rufus B., 10 Jan 1833 - 17 Apr 1911, 73-3-17; son of Henry & Sallie Trent, both born in Virginia.

Mr. Vester Humphrey went with Fred Hawkins to see several cemeteries, but this one in particular. Mr. Hawkins said Vester has tried to reconstruct & mark the graves here. He has made concrete markers for the above noted graves and says that there are others, but he does not know their exact locations. Visited and transcribed by Fred Hawkins & Vester Humphrey 27 Sep 1986.

Sources: Listed Maury County Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. 27 Sep 1986, page 207, Vol I.
Not listed in They Passed this Way by Marise P. Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford.