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New Ramie Cemetery, site of an old Baptist Church.

The focus here in this photo is on the Elisha Pullen memorial. Both the upright head & footstones are clearly in our view.

A group of Pullen Descendents recently gathered behind the Elisha Pullen memorial.
Left to Right:
Chris Raney- Barbara Flores sister-great-granddaughter of Elisha James Knox Polk Pullen. He is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville.
Ms. Jackson - great granddaugther of Sylvester E. T. Pullen-He is buried in a unmarked grave at Cedar Hill Cemetery off of Hwy 412. His wife is buried there also.
Nancy Turner-great granddaughter of Martha Ellen Pullen. She is buried at Mt. Ararat Cemetery in Lawrence County.
Wesley Pullen-great grandson of Quintillian Pullen Adams. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery near Belfast, Tennessee
Barbara Flores - great granddaughter of Elisha James Knox Polk Pullen of Elisha and Nancy Elizabeth Scott Pullen children.

Photos dated 11 Oct 2009  from the collection of Chris Raney. Labels by Wes Pullen. Added here by Wayne Austin 31 Oct 2009.