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This is a view looking northeast at the old dying Beech Tree.

A northwestern look at the Pullen, Richardson, Boaz and some Dugger memorials area.

This is a view looking southeast. Notice all the box tombs on our right. I had very little success reading most of them and from the looks of things previous researchers had the same difficulty because my list and theirs is similar with the missing box tombs. Only one of them had no inscription at all. The rest had a very faint inscription or lichen so tough they could not be cleaned enough to transcribe. 
 This is a photo looking northwest from the southern middle edge of the cemetery. The southern fence is behind us This is an extra wide picture made by combining two photos.
Most of the old stones in the middle and western areas of the cemetery can be identified in this photo by their shapes. Use your scroll bars to view the whole scene. Photo (5/26/05) and information by Wayne Austin 5/16/06.