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The large Beech tree in the center back part of the photo has a row of small upright stones between it and us. We will document those from the stone closest to the Beech tree and moving toward us. Looks to be about seven memorials of the Hickman, Leneave and others.

A closer up photo showing the our subject row. The large dying Beech tree has a history of being one of the largest beech trees in the County. Soon it will be gone as the top is complete broken now.

BLANKENSHIP, Martha, 15 Jan 1801 - 4 Feb 1858. 'Wife of A. Blankenship. (Dau. W. Samuel & Mary Apperson; mar. Alexander T. Blankenship in Mecklenburg Co., Va. on 25 Jan 1821.)

Photos 5/30/2005 and publication by Wayne Austin May 12 2006.