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The pile of stones in the bottom of the photo is our subject below.

BOAZ, Mariah Bullington, born May 3,1785 and died August 23, 1852. (w/o William Boaz Boaz (1778 - 1852) Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Feliciana 26 Aug 2012; no stone found)

Unknown Pile of stones,  in the Pullen, Richardson area. This may be the remnants of the memorial for William & Mariah (Bullington) Boaz. Do not lock down on that as it is not fact just theory. I say this because it appears to be an 1850s box tomb style memorial with the top perhaps disintegrated or missing. Box tombs with the loose stone base were not common after the 1850s. That flat stone on the bottom right corner may have been a part of the top along with the many flat pieces lying all around. If this were investigated there may be pieces that have the inscription that may be reassembled to reconstruct the inscription. That is a slow process taking usually many hours.
Photos 5/30/2005 and information from Carma Boaz of Texas, publication by Wayne Austin May 12 2006.