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At the base of the large tree on this side lies a Box tomb. Just in front of that is the base of a box tomb here with a missing top. It is small enough to be a childs and I do not think the footstone assembled inside the stones are a part of this box tomb base. It is our subject below. The large monument on the left is that of Rev. Allen Richardson a minister of the New Ramie Baptist Church which once met nearby here. Straight out are the graves of the Pullen family and somewhere are the lost graves of the Boaz family. To our right of the big tree is the box tomb of Joseph Dugger. It has all the footstones piled upon it. The upright stone between the Pullen Box tomb and the gray stone is for Elisha Richardson. The little gray stone next to the pile of broken stones is for Nacy (Nancy) Elizabeth Scott Pullen. I do not know the meaning of the pile of stones in the bottom of the photo. Might be the base of a long demolished box tomb. Its history is obviously long lost.

Unknown box tomb in the Pullen & (old) Richardson (surname) area. No top was found top for this Box Tomb base.
 Notice the broken pink limestone footstone lying in the middle. It is possible that it belongs to a missing headstone for Mariah BOAZ. It is in the area of the burials for this family. However in fairness there are the Margaret Biffle, Martha Blankenship & Mary Brown memorials nearby that have the initials MB in this cemetery. From all indications including proximity the above mentioned footstone could match that for Mary Brown in that the style and shape and proximity indicate it belongs with the Mary Brown headstone. The parts of this foot stone were lying around and I assembled them here to see if they formed a complete stone. They do not, but that just means there are missing parts in the center. Notice the initials MB on the stone. At about this same time I received an e-mail from a lady who was looking for lost ancestors with the surname BOAZ in this cemetery. She was descended from the folks with the surname Pullen, Richardson & Boaz. Here is her story recorded in e-mails: I (Carma Boaz & my husband) was there several years ago and took some pictures of our Pullin ancestor's stones. I was there looking for Great-great-great grandparents graves but didn't find them. I know they are buried there but I guess the stones have disappeared. Just in case I missed them I would really appreciate anything you may find on them. Their listings should appear as: William Boaz b. June 27, 1778 - d. October 27, 1852; Mariah Bullington Boaz b. May 3,1785 - d. August 23, 1852. Their daughter married Allen Richardson and they are buried there also. Two of William & Mariah's sons married the Pullin girls. I live in TX. and cannot make the trip again.
Photos 5/30/2005 and publication by Wayne Austin May 12 2006.