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These  are maps depicting the location of the Miles P. Murphy Cemetery. Mr. Fred's location is hard to follow because there were so few houses around at that time and he took the backwoods way. The above topo map was dated about 1980 and the aerial photo was taken in 1997. From Porter's Chapel or Mt Pleasant take the Southport Rd. to Mack Benderman Road. Turn right there and next go past the right turn off of Preacher Holt Rd. Then go about mile further and turn right into the trailer park entrance road. Trailers will be on the left. Cemetery directly south west from here. Go 300 yards on that road and turn right into a field road that goes across the branch and west along the left side of a tree covered hill spanning up to your left. Go to a Crooked Oak tree among all the others and look left and into the cemetery. In the summer you probably will miss it and have to cross the dry gulch to see it. It is 20 yards out under the trees behind (to the south of) the crooked white oak tree that leans out (to your right) from the tree line. Maps were graphically modified by Wayne Austin to better reflect the location.
 Photo & info by Wayne Austin 12/15/2005.