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An endangered Cemetery

(From Porter's Chapel take Southport Rd. to Mack Benderman Road go past the right turn off of to Preacher Holt Rd. Go about mile further and turn into the trailer park entrance road. Trailers will be on the left. Cemetery directly south west from here. Go 300 yards and turn right into a field road that goes along the left of a tree covered hill. Go to the Crooked Oak tree among all the others and look left and into the cemetery. It is under the trees behind (to the south) the crooked white oak tree that leans to your right out of the tree line. It is across a dry branch.

The photographer started on the northeast corner of the cemetery and went south and then across to the next row west and then north on that row and continued to follow that pattern until the last stone found was photographed. There were several skips and at least three field stones noticed.

Miles P. Murphy Cemetery List photos of known stones

Area photos of the Cemetery

Maps showing location of the Cemetery