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The site is located .45 miles south of Ebenezer Church on the West side of the road. There is a unused roadway which stops at a washed out culvert at the creek. An azimuth of 242 degree from the intersection of the creek and the old roadway will take you to the grave site laying up a rather steep hill maybe 200 yards from the creek. Another more recent description finds this writing: Go exactly .5 miles South from Ebenezer Church at the last entrance way to the church...the south end of an oval drive that begins at the cemetery and ends of the drive are in front of the church. So go .5 miles by odometer down the road to a driveway to the right (West...kinda). There are actually three drives to the right, there close together. The northernmost one goes about 100 yards and stops at the creek because the bridge is washed out. THIS IS THE ROAD...but don't go that way!! Go another two driveways South where you'll see a gas line pole sticking up about 7-8 feet right beside the road. The "number" is 1688 or 1686 and the drive sort of winds through a double s to a trailer upon the hill side. DON'T go to the trailer on the East side of the creek! After you go on up to the trailer on the hill, you may want to say hello to Mr. Billy Beach who lives there. The cemetery plot lays a few feet WNW of his parking area. You can almost drive there. There is a gap in the fence just to the NW of his trailer. Go through the gap and bear right into the woods and you'll see the two stones standing. Doug Baker, 3/16/2004

With this Google maps we are finally able to map this long lost cemetery accurately. As you see we are traveling south on the yellow highlight and turn right into 1684-1688 Terrapin Branch Road. After one crosses the creek and when that private road branches turn right and follow up toward the modular house. Go by the house which will then be on your left and thru gate (with permission) and bend left continuing on into the tree line. Immediately after one goes into the tree line look to your right and the stones will be there on the ledge above the bank over looking a feeder branch. The cemetery is not up in that high area further on, it is right there adjacent to the road after it goes by the house and right about the time it goes into the forest.